Paisley pattern upper in viscose, can be torn deliberately or naturally to reveal shunga graphic underneath. Leather calfskin insole, breathable cushioned mesh for ankle support. Shunga is painted or woodcut erotic art that flourished in Edo era Japan, a time where sexuality was expressive and open. Modern Japanese Erotica is conventionally tucked away in magazines with a reverse binding, known as “Fukurotoji”, inhibiting unsolicited browsing. This incentivizes a potential buyer to purchase the magazine in order to rip the binding at home for their own personal pleasure. The historical contrast compelled us to design footwear that conveys this juxtaposition; The public perception of erotica in modern and traditional Japan.


Upper Polyester,Cowhide,Sheep skin / Sole Synthetic rubber

Tote bag, Shoe lace



US7 | JP25cm | EU40

US8 | JP26cm | EU41

US9 | JP27cm | EU42

US10 | JP28cm | EU43

US11 | JP29cm | EU44



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